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Love snuggling and love spooning but dont see why it always has to be taken in a sexual way?

Well, never fear - now there is SPUGGLE- a spooning snuggle in a non-sexual way.

Perfect for friends who just want to get some good spooning action and a hug in all at the same time - but not have it viewed as sexual advancement!

xXDarkXx : I love spooning- but why does everyone always see it as something sexual?

James : Yeah I do too mate, I love cuddling also.

xXDarkXx : If only it was acceptable to just do it with friends

James : Why cant it be? we can call it a Spuggle! ((Spuggles Darky!))
it had been an emotional day and he was feeling sad so I gave him a spuggle to cheer him up :)

Also acceptabe:
SPUGGLE TRAIN! -- James spuggles Darky & Jasey --
by James (from BC) April 24, 2011
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A type of UFO seen in the night sky. At first they appear to be stars, bright and sometimes twinkling and are often mistaken for an airoplane or helicoptor, but are quickly identified when they can move at high speeds in all directions. They also do not produce any sound and upon seeing them "non believers" in UFO's and aliens are often converted!
"What are you staring at in the sky?" - "I'm looking for spuggles"


"Do you see that, is it a plane?" - "no it looks like it could be a spuggle to me"
by Loobylili22 January 11, 2010
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