An Ebonic term for Parmesian Cheese. Likely refers to the fact that one sprinkles it on their pizza.
Pizza Dude: That'll be $10 for your pizza, sir.
Tyrone: Did you put the sprinkle cheese in there?
Pizza Dude: I'm sorry?
Pizza Girl: The Parmesian cheese, Dude, he wants Parmesian cheese.
Tyrone: Yeah, yeah... Sprinkle Cheese.
by mellowcheddar December 28, 2007
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The thoughtless phrase you accidentally use when you want to say grated cheese but your mind went blank.
"What did you put on it?"
"Threw some tomato sauce on it and then someeee... uhhh. Um cheese sprinkles! Yeh just keepin' it simple"
by Lexicognitive April 17, 2020
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