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When a man has love at first sight. He falls for the pizza girl after just one short encounter (often just a few words are exchanged), yet afterwards he wonders why he didn't get down on one knee and propose. Most pizza girls are never actually obtained because the subject was really drunk and the girl was hideous, the girl was way out of his league, or he fucked it up on the second time he approached her because he was too nervous. Pizza girls are also often replaced by a new pizza girl the following week when he meets another random girl at a party and is so drunk he thinks he loves her too.
Never steal a man's pizza girl.
Guy in love-"Dude I met this girl at the pizza station in the dining hall and I didn't realize how wonderful she was until after I left. Should have gotten down on one knee right then and there and proposed."

Friend-"It's alright you'll see her again bro."

Guy in love- "Yeah I saw her two days ago and tried to talk to her but when I went up to her she didn't remember who I was, then I tripped and stabbed the cafeteria lady with a fork, then threw up on her while trying to clean the spaghetti off of her boobs so I'll never approach that pizza girl again."
by Brochachonacho November 04, 2014
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