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The best one who is actively sleeping with a member of the preferred sex, but not actually having sex, can hope for. Spoon tang is simply "Spooning" (Laying sideways in bed, one behind the other)with a cool-sounding suffix having been added to sound considerably less lame and unfruitful. Popular close Platonic guy-girl relationships.
Hey, wanna hang tonight?

I can't, I'm getting some Spoon Tang-tonight!

....Spoon-Tang? Hahahahahahaha. Bitch.
by HeyitsAC123 March 01, 2009
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(noun) A combination of the words 'spoon' and 'poontang'. 'Spoon' representing a sexual position where one partner is held in parallel (also referred to as '66' or '99'), and 'Poontang' meaning the vagina, and more generally, intercourse. Usage is rare, following the same rules as 'poontang', and simply specifies a certain position to be used.
"Going home to get some spoontang from the old lady."

"On Sunday mornings, I like to spoon with my girl"

compared to,

"On Sunday mornings, I like to get some spoontang."
by Drooch May 31, 2006
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Anything scoopable and almost as good as Pussy.

etymology: Southern United States (1979), coined at a Baskin Robbins icecream parlor

poontang, pussy, icecream, spoon
Man, that Rocky Road is some good spoontang.
by Sweepy April 15, 2009
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1 .Term for the reject sitting in the corner at the party drinkin tang offa spoon.

2 .General bitch-runt of the group. gets hit. alot.
1. no one gave staunton a glass, so he became spoon tang.

1. who's that freak, who invited him?
>dunno but he's spoontang.
by Travis-Bickle September 22, 2006
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when fishing and the spoon (lure) gets tangled around the line
Dude I think I got a big one.
No, it's probably just spoontang.
by cambodave August 15, 2008
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When a girl brings you home with the prospect of sex but then only let's you spoon
Did you get laid last night

Nah just got a little spoon tang
by TheGreatPatsby January 23, 2015
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