When a black person does something either extraordinary or something incredibly stupid.
"Hey Timmy, did you see that free throw that colored fellow made at the game? It was Spooktacular!"
by Marquis70 April 17, 2008
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A halloween extravaganza which takes place in a swamp. Visitors touring the "haunted" swamp are driven on an airboat to each spooky section. Sometimes remotely-controlled or automatically controlled monsters will jump out from the side and scare you.
Hey kids there's supposed to be a good airboat spooktacular this year, let's check it out!
by DKLONE June 28, 2007
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“Being as spooky as jordyn” being spooky doesn’t always mean that you are scary, it can also mean how amazingly awesome and cool you are. But never forget that if you are spooktacular you have that spooky scary side in you too!
Bro I met the most spooktacular girl she is so cool but can be scary
by Jordyns husband November 21, 2020
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