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Resulting condition: In which Kirk endeavored to learn Lt. Uhura’s first name and was defeated upon learning of her continuing relationship with Commander Spock.


Commander Spock’s surprising kiss with Lt. Uhura on the transporter, leaving a flabbergasted Kirk to look on in surprise.

All definitions under stipulation of Star Trek, the 2009 film directed by JJ Abrams.

In normative terms: Receiving rejection from a girl because of a pre-existing relationship or partiality with/to another, completely expected guy.

Not to be confused with the term spock block, which denotes that Spock is the one being blocked and not Kirk.
{After having been turned down, a guy returns to his friends, all of which then watch another, much less 'qualified' male approach the woman, ready to laugh at his impending failure. When she leaves with him, all the friend's buddies have a laugh at his expense, calling out "Spock Blocked!" in mocking tones.}
by zeldafire May 21, 2010
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indirectly (through the use of clever words or space/time paradoxes) stopping a friend from getting laid or finishing the sex, if he does get laid.
You: Dude, you should jerk it before she comes over tonight, just in case you get laid. She'll think you last longer!

*friend, later that night after jacking off: sex lasts so long parents interrupt, meaning he couldn't finish*
Friend: Damn, he totally spockblocked me!
by Dane and Lylan October 29, 2011
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