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(Noun) Any time during which Mr. Spock's infallible logic prevents humans from making poor choices with their inferior intellect.

(Verb) To perform the act described above, which you can only do if you are Mr. Spock, and you are not.

(Adjective, ending in -ed) To be on the receiving end of a Spock block. In many space cultures of the future this is considered the greatest honor a man can receive.
When Captain Kirk tries to regain control of the Enterprise in part 1 of "The Menagerie", he is Spock blocked by the Vulcan's clever hacking skills and cannot override the ship's computer.
by Hungry Like the Worf August 25, 2010
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The act of interrupting a male friend's "game" by an egregious demonstration of nerd-specific knowledge.

(First heard on "The Bob and Tom Show, 2/1/07)
"I was about to get her digits when Poindexter here pulled the spockblock by announcing we had 5 minutes to get home for Babylon 5..."
by Jordan Owen February 01, 2007
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whereas captain kirk keeps getting all the green intersteller women and not saving any for his wingman mr spock. (similar to cock blocking except it happens in the future.)
in a bar mr. spock was getting close to sealing the deal with a romulain female when captain kirk beamed in and totally spock blocked him.
by ragnar's vw May 12, 2009
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Any person, action or situation that prevents one from watching Star Trek (applies to the original series).
Last night, the Yankee game ran late and Spock blocked me again.
by bafervaf September 09, 2010
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The act of punching holes in someone's argument or idea by way of pointing out how illogical it is.
I wanted to become an actor, but my father spockblocked me.
by Malion January 07, 2008
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