Explaining something in a slightly condescending, patronizing manner, while a) assuming the person you're talking to isn't knowledgeable about the subject, b) likely believing you know more about it than you actually do, and c) thinking they must need to hear your wisdom.

Can be used as a suffix to indicate the topic being 'splained, e.g., dog-splaining, car-splaining

"I just got a puppy and you would not believe how many people dog-splain to me how I should train it or what its breed is like. They all think they're expert animal trainers."


Person A: "Hey man, I got a chance to look at your YouTube videos. You know, channels get more views when they have attention grabbing thumbnails. You might want to try that. Also, one way to get more engagement is to have an introduction that..."

Person B: "Dude, stop YouTube-splaining me. I run my own channel. You think I don't know about all that stuff already?"
by CommanderFerret March 18, 2021
Kinda like mansplaining or womansplaining but just splaining in general. When someone explains something to you assuming that you have no knowledge of the subject.
you: breaths
splainer: well actually the origin of ... blah blah blah
you: i... i know
splainer: no, actually ... (a bunch of useless information you didn't ask for)
by 3 and also a half of a bear February 15, 2018
1.a persons name
splain, what did you do today?

2.splain the coral blu numba 2 lipstick on this dolla
by homie April 6, 2004

slang/shorthand version of the word explain
A: Did you know there was never actually a man on the moon?
B: What are you talking about?! 'splain!
A: Well, they say the video of the men on the moon is forged...
by temoc January 18, 2008
The direct Mexican translation of explaining as used by the President for Life of Mexico Ricky Ricardo, married to Lucy... who everyone apparently loves.
After Ricky walks in on some of Lucy's antics/shenanigans...


Ricky: Lucy, you got some 'splaining to do!
by Michael Steamley May 23, 2008
The act of interrupting a person of the other gender while claiming the other individual knows less on the topic. This typically relates to a topic that the other gender is more able to relate to.
The man splained the woman on the topic of feminine services in the office.

The woman splained the man by saying that because he was a man, he was inept to answer the question.
by Awesomeaaa March 3, 2017