A certain type of people that only fly on Spirit Airlines because it is absolutely the cheapest airline out there.
I wish those Spirit Americans would shut the fuck up and stop talking so loudly.
by LeXplorer February 25, 2022
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The kind of cigarette you want to smoke when you have a lot of time on your hands. Was first invented by the service industry for workers. So when they put their cigarette down there was still PLENTY of it left once they got back. Plus its additive free. :D
Boss: Hey man you've been out here on break for 15 mins!!!
Worker: I still have half of my American Spirit left dude!!
by Spoonski July 27, 2008
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Natural American Spirit is a brand of cigarette and tobacco products manufactured in the United States by the Santa Fe Natural Tobacco Company.

They contain no additives. However, no additives does not mean a safer cigarette.

They last longer, and taste great.
After tasting Natural American Spirit, I don't smoke anything else.
by urdy April 1, 2007
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