Smashing ones peter in between two boxes of frozen waffles.
Bobby said he was going Super Sayian, then he hit me with a Spirit Bomb.
by Sapphiresky83 March 25, 2020
When there is a bukkake going on, one guy tells the others to give him all their energy, so they all cum in his hands, the guy yells spirit bomb, and dumps all the cum on the girl’s face.
My girlfriend said our sex life wasn’t interesting enough, so me and my five friends gave her a spirit bomb.
by MikexHunt January 30, 2018
when the male lifts his crotch standin on top of the female on her knees, and drops his ballsack on her face
dude last night i gave this chick a spirit bomb
by big steams January 17, 2011
When you find masturbation cream for your dick, in your an Old Man's Bathroom and use it, until you figure out that old people were recording you jerk your sausage. Then they blackmail you to manwhore with overweight black women, until you die.
Holy shit, I spirit bombed in the Retirement Home?
by Flaming Wiener June 1, 2009
The gayest fighting attack possible. It's when you head ram someone in the crotch because you're gay.
I just spirit bombed joe because I'm gay.
by nameless112 October 19, 2005
is when you start fingering your partner and when they are into it you jam your whole fist in them
I was fingering my girl when I decided to give her the spirit finger bomb
by minidazedzombie December 13, 2016
To intentionally harass or insult someone while apologizing to them, giving you moral high-ground to claim the intentional harassment or insulting was an accident. Used out of spite towards the person you are apologizing to.
"I am going to spirit bomb Betty by doxxing her in my apology towards her."
by Applemelon July 7, 2020