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A pretty and nice girl until you get too close.

A spider queen gets people stuck in her web, and is usually eating at least one of her victims alive.
She seemed like a nice girl until she wasn't, but I was already in too deep. She's a spider queen.
by GarbagePailKids June 09, 2016
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A small band out of Novi, Michigan. Psychadellic rock. They also are known to suck penis occasionally. Do not get too close, they will attack with their spider senses. An amazing band, if you like bad music and are deaf, dumb, and blind. Also known as Spiderfag.
"Hey have you heard Spiderqueen's new song?"
"No, is it good?"
"No, but it did make my ears bleed."
by {MacBookPro} December 13, 2010
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