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v. The act of recieving head and at the point of ejaculation you pull out and jam the head of your penis in/around the womans ...or mans... nose (as if trying to harpoon them). Causing the reciever to shreek with suprise usually sounding similar to a whale.
-"Oh man, did you see me sperm whaling that chick at the party last night?"
-"You were drunk and crying in the corner the whole time..."

-"You should have heard this hoe when i sperm whaled her last night. She was all like ....Murahrwarahkdfdlkaaaanehh.
by Mantastic! December 05, 2009
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When a female lays on her back, lifts her legs in the air and forcefully expels, from her vagina, the semen that has just been gifted to her. Like the spout from a whale's blow hole
Me: I showed Adam my new party trick last night. Now he has to clean the curtains.
Friend: what was it?

Me: sperm Whaling
by Shelbusxo January 15, 2016
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