As a meeting attendee you spend the entire time in the room until the last night. On the last night you come out of your room and party like an absolute like rockstar, shutting the bar down.
Let me teach you how to “Spence” that meeting!
by Parksie June 23, 2022
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"Grab em by the Spence"
by Whatitdobaybee January 27, 2020
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Spidie Senses - Spidie Senses is when you pay attention to every little detail that most people do not see , feel, taste, or touch
Damn Justin Bieber slippers don't match his outfit hes got Blue and Pink fuzzy slippers on with a Green, Gray, silk Hefner PJ's. I seen thar with my Spences?
by Crazy Carla August 16, 2021
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Mason Spence is the brittle-boned Winsford warrior. It’s rumoured he has a lethal left hook and gets the ladies pregnant just by making eye contact with them. He’s well known in the Winsford community, some may even class him as a national treasure.
Is that Mason Spence? Put your head down and act cool lad. Don’t want him thinking I’m some muppet.
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