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is a person, place, or thing that makes you think "what the F@#K are you doing!?". Also can be used to describe an individual as idiotic, or annoying.
Friend 1: Dude! Did you hear what john did to the slide?
Friend 2: No? Why what did he do?

Friend 1: He pissed and squeezed out a huge dukey on it!
Friend 2: What!? What a speev..

Friend 1: Yeah i know..
by dontbeaspeev January 02, 2010
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To lie, trick or decieve.
"Theres no way that can be true, dont speev me!"

"There goes Bill speeving again."

"This guy sold me a used car, it turned out to be a lemon, he really speeved me."
by Greg Eckman October 23, 2005
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