Make shift cab, cheaper, but also much, much more sketch. Common around the Niagara region in Southern Ontario
We didn't have enough money after getting our 40's, so we had to take a speedy to the party, man was the driver crazy.

by m2L June 18, 2006
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A person who ejaculates very immaturely. Almost as if just the touch of a women causes them to squirt man goo all over.
Jordan nutted after only 2 minutes.
by taeeh February 13, 2003
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A lovable character of a slow, sleepy and greedy disposition. Notoriously unable to respond quickly to all forms of communication and is often dictated to by Cyril.
Sorry for my speedy reply, i was visiting the hub and couldn't take my phone!
by MGQ - weaves February 19, 2010
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The Paletero Mix himself , Bay Area DJ , Eitmo Unido Cofounder, Twitch & Chaturbate Legend, Layed off (Unemployed)Pornstar,likes to do 34 + 35 with Dj - X , Host of the Mixcloud Famous Podcast “The Paletero Mix
Hey Speedy ! Saca Las Paletas Putote
by Tommy Jacketson March 3, 2021
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