Speedwagon.. what are you doing?? SPEEDWAGON! PUT THAT DOWN!! STOP IT SPEEDWAGON!
Person 1 : I heard speedwagon tried drugs
Person 2: haha speed weed
by GenosCyborg August 6, 2023
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It's like a sprint, but you're smoking weed super fast.
-"Hey man where's all the weed?"
-"Sorry dude I smoked it all, I was speed weeding"
by All hail my mighty penis December 4, 2017
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The largest marijuana collective and delivery service in the US based in Los Angeles but serving every legal area in the US. Speed Weed carries the largest selection of top shelf marijuana. They are celebrity endorsed. The owners are cannabis activists that are constantly in the national news on Television, Radio, and Pod Casts. Joe Rogan is a huge supporter and often has the owner Gino on his podcasts.
It's 1am how can we get some dank buds?

Check out Speed Weed's website and they'll come right to you with that Dank Fire.
by The Fierce Bambino September 2, 2014
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THC juice vaporized in a meth pipe because you burnt the coil on your cart you payed 30 bucks for
"Use a wrench to open the cart and pour the juice in here"
"You got a torch lighter?"
"We call this Speed Weed"
by Honted tonk July 6, 2020
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So basically it’s this challenge I can’t up with where you get a group together and everyone brings their own dab pens or weed or whatever and every minute you take one hit and the last person to fall asleep wins
Guy 1: Yo nigga, we trying the speed weed challenge Friday

Guy 2: hell ya dawg, that ain’t even a question, of course I will, dumbfuck
Guy 1: chill the fuck down asshole, I asked you a question

Guy 2: oh my bad slime, just playing though
Guy 3: can I join the challenge
Guy 1: nah bitch, you’re like 9 years old

Guy 3: aw I’m telling mom

Guy 2: okay, go tell your mom you dirty fucking rat ass price of shit
by MoanDawg69 August 26, 2019
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When your on the highway going 20 mph and your so high you think your going 80 mph.
Steamboat: i was walking to class but i was on that weed speed so i was 10 min late.

B Willy:stop smoking that bong water
by Squints 2.0 February 27, 2011
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Adj- Not being able to tell how much time has passed while under the influence of marijuana.
Peter: Dude did you know how long i was cooking my fish for?

Ian: Nah man, i just smoked, im in weed-speed.
by WrathTheStampede March 30, 2011
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