Where's the sparker? I can't smoke this shit without a sparker!
by Crazy from dat 323 December 13, 2008
A person who frequently watches the film 'Ruby Sparks'.
"They say Joey Pants is a real sparker, he's been watching Paul Dano having fake girlfriends since Nam."
by The Bramsky October 29, 2012
It means to smoke weed, to spark-er up a joint
It's sparker time

Let's sparker

I will sparker when I go home
by TheGreenGuy June 13, 2007
A verb that refers to the lighting of a marijuana cigarette. Specifically a blunt.
by Bogey-facer November 22, 2010
The decision you have to make when you have one good punch, but there are two available targets
I heard Bones ran into some trouble with a couple of fellas down the boozer last night. Ended up taking the bigger one out on a sparker's choice
by jesselujack27 November 28, 2015
"Damn yo, I have you seen my sparker, so I can lite this."
by Phil March 7, 2005