I’ve been very NAUGHTY, I NEED you to SPANK ME!

Put the Hand-Cuffs on Me. Pull My Pants and Panties Down. Pull Me across Your
Knees, Secure Me In Place, Lock Your Leg
Around Me. Grab that Big Old Wooden

Bath Brush, and paddle Me , very Hard

And very long because I Deserve It! Start
With HARD Slow Strikes, getting HARDER AND FASTER IN FLURRIES.. just to see Me
Dance..Set My ASS On FIRE. Don’t Stop before You Have Me Squirming and Wiggling and Begging You to Stop, Feet KICKING, PLEADING For MERCY, Telling You how SORRY I AM.. Crying REAL TEARS!
You Continue with Several More Sets of Flurries About Twenty in s Set Sixty or So.
You Announce that Part One is Over Now,
Go Stand in the Corner for Ten Minutes..
Part Two will begin Then.. and Your getting another Fifty bent over the Couch,
This Time with the LONG TAWSE!!
I’ve been very NAUGHTY, I NEED you to SPANK ME!
by Well Punished October 21, 2019
Similar to hell yes or fuck yeah. Normally being pleased with yourself after achieving something, not sexual.

Originates from Batman Forever, exclaimed by The Riddler, aka Jim Carrey, when he guessed the correct location of Bruce Wayne in his mansion, at which point he exclaimed "spank me!"

Possibly similar to "somebody stop me" from The Mask.
After searching Wayne mansion, The Riddler finally finds Bruce hiding in the living room with Nicole Kidman. "Spank me!" He exclaims in joy at his discovery, and proceeds to fuck them up.

Beating the final level of crash nitro kart - "SPANK ME!! I FUCKING DID IT."
by On behalf of James November 4, 2011
a phrase used by the woman during sex when she wants the man to spank her ass
specifically used for males that have a daddy kink
ahh! please! spank me daddy!
by that name is already used December 31, 2019
A word that is used in sex. (Usually) The female gender usually used the term.
Spank me daddy! Oh yeah is that all you got HARDER!
by ThatDankMemeGuy March 11, 2016
The color your girlfriend's ass turns after spanking her during sex
Hannah's ass turned into a deep state of spank me red after sex last night
by Tsnyder May 17, 2017
A euphemism for fuck me used to express frustration; not to be confused with the "SPANK ME HARD!" which expresses the literal desire to be spanked.
Friend: Dude, your parents just died in a fire that burned down your house.

You: Spank me hard! My xbox was in there.
by lemontwisty December 10, 2010
Daddy ( ur sexual lover) will spank you because you have been a naughty girl recently.
Grill: Oh daddy I'm so sorry that I couldn't keep it going longer.
Daddy:You deserve a spanking young girl.
(Slap, Slap)
Grill: Oh yes, spank me harder daddy.
by IceWallowCome6969696969 February 1, 2019