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Crash nitro kart, or CNK is a 2003 racing video game by Vicarious Visions and Universal Interactive for PS2 and Xbox.

Despite its G/U certificate rating, friendly story line, and whimsical graphics, it is fucking evil, and notoriously difficult to beat for your below average gamer or casual gamer.

Filled with levels designed to infuriate the player to the extreme.

The final cutscene at the end, however, is the greatest satisfaction on Earth, knowing that it's finally over. It is also highly addictive, best played as a team effort if you are particularly crap at it.

Abbreviation is CNK, which can be used to express difficulty in day to day life.
1. Fuck me that test was CNK. I'm gonna fail no doubt.

2. Me: Where's James?

Her: Oh we haven't seen him in days, not since he started crash nitro kart.
by On behalf of James November 04, 2011
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