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A clique of Instagram users who commonly have over 1k posts, post a lot of unconventional selfies, have vulgar usernames and typically funny. They don't post your typical spam and the name comes from the fact that they show up on your feed more than once in ten minutes. Most spams seem like assholes, but are really nice once you get to know them and most accounts are ran by fifteen year olds. Despite that, they're generally entertaining. See also: Sass account.
Person 1: Last night I uploaded my nudes to my personal and not my spam account.

Person 2: My sister found my spam account last night
by joaquinphoenix.jpg July 02, 2014
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A spam account, sometimes referred to as a “sass account”, is an Instagram account with thousands of posts. Most users post daily and multiple times a day. Everything that goes on the spam is supposed to stay on the spam - illegal substances, nudes, 25 pictures in a row of you crying during a mental breakdown. The community started many years ago, maybe 2011 or so. People like Julia Penton, Jaelle Stiles, Ren, etc were some of the OG spam accounts; they have a big following base because their lives are absolutely insane half the time. Spams are different from Finstas. Spam = community of strangers. Finsta = Jeremy down the block who rides your bus.
Girl 1: Hey, I saw you having a mental breakdown on your spam account last night.

Girl 2: Yeah, that’s pretty common with me.
by yowhattheheckdude March 12, 2018
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A spam account is where an account has a sort of 'back-up account' so they can post memes, fandom refrences and derpy selfies without ruining their main insta theme. Usually ran by random teens who have an either, really annoying, or fucking hilarious personality.
Omg did you see my recent on my spam account
by Emmabaker October 19, 2017
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A spam account is.. yikes.. well, it's mainly just a Instagram account filled with what you'd expect: spam. It's mainly just teens complaining about their lives through pictures. There's usually way over 1000 posts and it doesn't stop them.

It's mainly just another way to show how egotistical you are.
Person 1: Hey, how many posts does your Spam Account have?
Person 2: Let me check.. oh, 5,031 posts
Person 1: What the fuck is wrong with you what do you even post
Person 2: Literally just pictures of my cat. Or maybe how my boyfriend broke up with me. Sometimes it's memes. You never know.
Person 1: You egotistical fuck.
by BigOlDefinitioneer January 16, 2017
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A spam account is a thing/ account where someone posts random things in no sort of order
Jessica-OMG did you see Carly’s new spam account???
by Poster116 October 08, 2017
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A spam account (or finsta) is an account that you use to post fun things that don't match your main account theme. Most people post memes, funny selfies, or good food, etc. Typically only your friends follow you.
Sally: Can you send me the picture of us that u posted on your spam account?
Todd: Yea of course! It's a pretty goofy picture of us.
by Justthatboywholovestheworld April 05, 2019
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