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in some sets (different chapters of a gang), 031 means "I have love for you." Only said between Bloods. Usually said at the end of a conversation when the member is about to leave.
"I got 031 for you homie."

"031 for all the Bloods out there."
by WS_Rollin'_20s December 28, 2005
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Military Occupation Code for Infantry in the Canadian Armed Forces.

They can be either in a mech BN (BN 1 and 2 of PPCLI, RCR or 22R) or a light dismounted BN. (BN 3 of PPCLI, RCR and R22 and any reserve BN) Either way, they are the back bone of the Canadian Forces and fight with bravery and skill.
031's job is to close with engage and destroy the enemy in close combat.
by ++rupwn++ August 23, 2007
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