One who believes the Flying Spaghetti Monster is the true creator but does not know which Pastafarian denomination is the true church. For example, most Pastafarians believe the FSM sauce is tomato based, where as others believe it is pesto or cream.
Mark: Hey Mary, are you a member of the Church of Alfredo or are you a Pestoinian?

Mary: Neither, I'm not sure if the FSM is alfredo, pesto or tomato based, so I am Spagnostic.
by Carl Otto January 3, 2010
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1)A branch of the Church of The Flying Spaghetti Monster that is agnostic in Pastafarianism

2) an agnostic that uses Flying Spaghetti Monster as an example for their beliefs.
1) Pastafarian 1: Hey who is that guy?
Pastafarian 2: O, he is a Spagnostic.

2) Spagnostic: Well you see God can be just as real as the Flying Spaghetti Monster. As you can you see I am Spagnostic.
by GuyfromVegas May 8, 2008
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One who does not believe in the true creator: The Flying Spaghetti Monster.
pastafarian: Gravity is only a theory!
nonbeliever: No it isn't!
pastafarian: You spagnostic! We are grounded because of intelligent falling; he pushes us down with his noodly appendages!
by Bertrand Russell June 2, 2007
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