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Based off the character "Spaghett" from the Tim and Eric Awesome Show, a Spaghett is any individual that has no understanding for social cues and has a compulsive need for attention. They are an individual that does not know when they are unwanted in a group and seem to think that anyone that shows even the most basic of human decencies to them is their friend. A spaghett also seems to have no understanding of when someone of the opposite sex is not interested in them and, while not always going full creep, will continue in pursuit long after it has been made apparent that their advances are unwelcome.
Man, Dylan just keeps crashing our kick backs, what a spaghett.
Dude, hide, Paulina is coming, she's such a spaghett.
Man, does Jason just not get that Ariana just isn't into him, he keeps texting her like a total spaghett.
by photoboy0319 May 06, 2013
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1. An object of desire that is never to be touched.

2. A sarcastic way to describe a thin and long type of pasta.
In both ways, the companion word "toucha" is used to imitate an Italian accent for emphasis.
"Someboday toucha my spaghett!"
by Armin Hammer January 27, 2018
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An italian kid named shane who plays college football. usually goofy and short.
Spaghett always drives that darn lifted truck.
by spaghett420blazekush February 22, 2017
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An erotic party including going to walkabout and getting plates of noodles with sauce for $3.14 on Thursday nights, followed by expensive cupcakes and gelato downstairs. Basically the greatest thing ever.
Eg. The SpagheTT was greatly erotic last night. Yum!
by Foosinator September 18, 2009
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