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A spacejam is a camp male deriving from the African Diaspora who is also an avid basketball player and fan. Spacejam's usually wear non prescribed clear rimmed 'geek glasses' in an attempt to be cool or a hipster. Spacejam's also choose to switch between being a 'gangster' and a 'hipster' when they want, but do not realise, they make a fool of themself in doing so. In addition, a spacejam also fits the stereotype depicted in popular youtube viral video "Being a dickhead's cool". Famous examples of spacejam's are Kanye West, JLS and ''.
Male 1: 'Look at these guys getting on the bus, hide your phone.'

Male 2: 'Na, don't worry, they're just spacejams.'
by Ben Gallagher October 11, 2010
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A movie about Jordan retiring but got back to Basketball to help the toons beat the giant aliens in a game who stole the talents from 5 NBA superstars. Michael Jordan stars in the movie with the loony toons (however you spell it) characters.
Kazaam sucks and so does Shaq when it comes to movies. Space Jam was sweet and so was MJ. Why the hell would you steal Shawn Bradley's talent???????
by sagzag February 04, 2004
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A very good Call of Duty player that doesn't really play much anymore after his video game broke.
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by COMMUNICATION July 24, 2018
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A malfunctioned Space Dock, in which the donor fecal matter is lodged within the anal and/or vaginal and/or hand made taintal cavity, resulting in an awkward experience for all and an uncomfortable trip to the ass doctor for a routine enema.
Stan Podlak: yo what it is MJ
Michael Jordan: fuckin cracka imma fuckin shit in your asshole.
Stan Podlak: k
Michael Jordan: aw shit sorry bro don't think that's comin out
Stan Podlak: nah it's ok i space jammed myself last night in the urethra
Michael Jordan: ok gonna play some minor league baseball peace


by you have aids sorry February 25, 2008
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1. Verb. To steal the abilities, talents, or gifts of another human being through magical or supernatural means.

2. Verb. To cheaply copy another artist's style to the extent that you become a cartoonish portrayal of said original artist.
1. ex. If I could SPACE JAM Ron Jeremy's downstairs area, I'd get all the ladies.

2. ex. Gunther: "Hey, Otis, what do you think of the new Robin Thicke joint?" Otis: "I do not approve. He's just SPACE JAMMING Prince."
by AllTheGoodNamsAreTaken August 29, 2013
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To steal or take something from someone else, like in Space Jam when the aliens took the Basketball players' skills and powers.
Dude, that guy totally just Space Jammed my bike!!
by B3player89 December 17, 2008
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The act of unwanted sexual advances from a person of the same identifying sexual gender (a la Kevin Spacey) where said offender just walks by and casually reaches into someones pants and fondles their genitals .
Dave May have simply been working on his new Cross Fit routine when Coach Andy strolled by, and when no one was looking, gave him the old Space Jam.
by RBAK April 20, 2018
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