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That new korean mmo is being published by Enmasse, so you know the CM will be Spacecats.
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by Moginator May 04, 2017
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When all the cool cats need to take some space from their electronics and spend time together.
When everyone in a room is not talking and staring at their devices, someone can yell spacecats making everyone turn them off abd be together.
by Klijetan September 09, 2018
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List owner of the FFML. Also, a nazi.
Spacecat is a huge fucking nazi.
by VV February 16, 2004
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A cyborg cat that is completely obsessed with space (aka me)
Space cat:Meow owner can we go to space. owner: no. space cat : I’m leaving. owner: 😭😭😭
by TheCyCat May 18, 2018
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