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Refers to the Fan Fiction Mailing List.

The fanfic mailing list (FFML, or ML for short) is a forum for authors and fans to discuss fanfics (fanfiction stories) that are posted to the FFML. Originally, the FFML allowed only stories involving settings, characters, props, attacks or any combination of the above from anime/manga. It has recently expanded its scope, but it still has a strong anime/manga flavor.

Just in case you don't know what anime or manga is, anime refers to Japanese animation (cartoons) and manga refers to Japanese graphic novels (comic books).

You can find out more by reading the FAQ by searchign for fanfiction mailing list online.
I sent my new story to the FFML to recieve comments and critisism on my writing.
by Skywise May 16, 2012
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An FML that's so absurd, people begin to think it's fake, thus giving it the name "FFML" or "Fake F my life"
Dude 1: Hey man, did you hear about the FML where the guy's sister used his toothbrush to masturbate?
Dude 2: YEAH OMG dude. That was so hilarious, it sounds like an FFML
Dude 1: Killjoy -_-
by zmnbbs December 20, 2009
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A list about final fantasy on, except no one has talked about final fantasy in like 5 years. Started in 1996 and populated by a bunch of misfits who will never, ever leave the list so long as they are alive. Once a year some members will meet at anime expo in california. The IRC version is #FFML, which is usually as good or better than the list. Now on the espernet network!
I joined the ffml looking to discuss final fantasy, no one cared
by Hiryuu March 26, 2004
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Fist fuck my life. Used when a regular FML, fuck my life, just doesn't describe how badly one is being shafted.
FFML, Liberty Mutual is laying us all off and I just bought a new car. I'm totally fist fucked without lube.
by Timmy Timmons August 03, 2017
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