Space hogging is when someone hogs and won't share any type of space that is designed for shared enjoyment such as a bed, sofa or a seat on a public form of transport.
I am lying in bed next to my girl and she is space hogging all of the space again!
by Deep_thought November 7, 2015
Someone who wants to be a tattoo artist but doesn't want to tattoo. They will tell everyone they are a tattoo artist but will only tattoo the designs they want to do, whereas a real tattoo artist will pretty much tattoo anything on anyone at any time.

They can be overheard saying things like "I don't tattoo for money," and often insult the customer's idea or choice of tattoo.

A space hog thinks that because they make tattoos they are entitled to being respected and or admired regardless of their character.
We went to the studio to get a tattoo but it was just a bunch of space hogs stroking each others ego's and trying to talk us into things we don't want.

I wanted to get a tattoo but some space hog tried to talk me out of it so I left.
by Bigote Grande April 19, 2011
Causes rifts in space time through Primeval utterance
Holy mother fucker were in slobmonster(space hog) capitain!
by hxbmlfs February 13, 2010