The Silicon Valley/ Seattle based soy latte drinking hipster you see at the coffee shop, coding NodeJS on his macbook pro. He only uses a bloated IDE and is too beta to ever touch Vim. This creature will justify his use of a macbook by saying that "it's UNIX based" but at the same time will defend not having a linux machine due to some nonsense reason. GUI everything; it makes him feel safe. #1 aspiration in life is to work for FAANG and will consume any disgusting product or service they sell.
Chad: "August became an IOS soydev because it was hype job title rather than actually being interested in technology."
by ArchUser1001 June 2, 2020
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Soydev is a type of most abundant Software Developer. The Software he/she makes is always inefficient and uses more CPU and RAM than it should. This person always prefers hard work instead of smart work, Has little or no knowledge of existing solutions of a problem, Comes up with very complex solution for a simple problem and has fear of native and fast programming languages like C, C++ and Rust

NOTE: contrary to many people, Using VSCODE or JavaScript does not you Soydev as those have some valid use cases.
Soydev: Hey, I made App using ReactJS and Electron to download videos from youtube. its only 127MB to download
Chad: Why not just youtube-dl ?
Soydev: What is that ?
Chad: You are such a soydev
by yojimbolol April 28, 2021
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A "programmer" that works at a bich tech company and only knows javascript and HTML. They love IDEs like Visual Studio Code and inefficient frameworks that slow their code down. They represent the majority of "programmers" today and if their numbers continue growing, not one person on earth will know how a computer works by the year 2050 when all the gigachad 1980s C and Unix programmers are gone.
God: "I will give my creation the most advanced brains in the animal kingdom so that they will use them to create great things"
JavaScript soydevs: "My code run at 2 lines per second and uses 3 GB of RAM and 98% of the CPU, but atleast it gets my HTML page with only a title loading!"
by SoydevHater0001 June 21, 2022
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A developer who is a liberal. They are most common in silicon valley
Example 1: This soydev works at Nintendo
Example 2: Soydevs are calling me a Nazi because hes video game is biased
by dankm3m3rzz May 1, 2019
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Name for developers who are different and dont conform to a specific norm that users of this word consider proper for a developer. Using linux as operating system, c as a language and vim as editor.

You get assigned name of soydev if you are using a proper IDE and one of the new languages. Great example of such ide is vscode and language is NodeJS.
Boomer: this guy is a soydev.

Normal person: why
Boomer: look he is using IDE a proper developers done use them only soydevs do
by Soydev December 11, 2020
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