A drink for women or highly effeminate men. Often said to be the preferred beverage of snowflakes, "soy pussies" and the "woke" community.
Look, it's AOC's boyfriend Riley Roberts, drinking a soy latte!
by flux blocker February 15, 2020
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1)a descriptor.

Used whenever someone says something pretentious or just 'full-of-shit-esque."

Used because people who drink the aforementioned beverage think they are better than regular people who drink latte's with 'milk' in it (hence the reason why it is called a latte).
Girl A: "I feel so much better than everyone else because I am a vegetarian now."

Girl B: "Wow, how soy latte of that motherfucker"
Guy A: "You know what, I never thought of it that way. And guess what....She DOES like soy lattes."
by drunkedukh December 5, 2009
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Q . "What's up with Jack Dorcys new Osama Bin Laden style look?"
A. "Oh, right, you mean Ayatollah Soy Latte?
I think he's is trying to curry favor with BIG Twitter shareholder,

Saudi Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal ."
by RocketMan February 4, 2021
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Sucking an Asian girl's nipple for fifteen minutes or more.
Dude I sucked her nipple for fifteen minutes; Wait was she asian?; Yeah...; Dude, soy sauce latte!
by Fat&Stoopid August 14, 2014
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