Sovany is a straight up, beautiful girl. She's popular, smart, and drop dead gorgeous. She is friendly to anyone she meets and a loyal friend. She seems to get hurt a lot but still looks for "the one". Sovany has a great figure and likes to be in the best shape. When you find an Sovany, never let go because once she's gone... you can't get her back.
"dayummm did you see Sovany today? she's looking hella fine!"

"see that pretty girl? she has to be an Sovany."
Buy Sovany Starbucks and Shoes
by Vanessa8901 July 12, 2013
Sovanny or Sovany is a beautiful girl with a huge heart. She is intelligent, creative, and thoughtful. Everybody loves her for her personality and spirit. One day, every Sovany/Sovanny will be successful in their own way.
Sovanny is so beautiful, I bet she's super nice.

Sovany is the light of the party, we're all so happy she's here.
by sovonnyslover March 30, 2017
A fictional race from Square-Enix's "The Last Remnant".

Sovani are anthropomorphic, feline in appearance, and characterized by an additional pair of arms at their hips. They have a long lifespan, in excess of hundreds of years.
The sovani were said to have once ruled over all other races.
by Naore November 17, 2009