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A Japanese abbreviation used for Konami's Session Series, Guitar Freaks and DrumMania. Comes from the phoenetic transliteration into Japanese syllables ("GITAA FURIKUSU" and "DORAMUMANIA").
"Konami no GITADORA wa tanoshii desu."
"I love playing GitaDora, but I can only play the Gita part, because I suck at the Dora part.
by Naore June 30, 2005
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A fictional race from Square-Enix's "The Last Remnant".

Sovani are anthropomorphic, feline in appearance, and characterized by an additional pair of arms at their hips. They have a long lifespan, in excess of hundreds of years.
The sovani were said to have once ruled over all other races.
by Naore November 16, 2009
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