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A city located next to Detroit. Not quite as bad as Detroit its self but still there are better cities.
Person 1: Dude where do you live?
Person 2: I live in southfield
by Dirge of the Fallen August 27, 2008
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City in metro Detroit, MI. Shares the 8-Mile border with north-west Detroit, predominantly black, high crime rate, and crumbling roads. Known as the center of the metro Detroit area, has a small sky line of skyscrapers, but mostly suburban homes. Home to the worlds first mall and to Detroit television channels such as Fox 2 and others. Commonly referred to as "the field" and "Kwame's cousin".
50 years ago, Southfield was the place to be. Since the 1990's it's been the place to get out of.
by NHMC December 27, 2014
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