Any bogus place of origin. A term connoting personal or group suspicion about someone's stated place of origin.
Once Jill got Miss "big noise" out of the limelight and talked to her off to the side. . . turned out the lil hobag had crashed the party. Yeah, I asked her where she was from and she said, "South California" hehe!
by Russell Clark December 03, 2006
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The fabulous "ghetto-esque" city located near Los Angeles and between the city of Lynwood and Watts. Often misconceived as "Little Mexico" South Gate is a bustling city filled with the wonders of Latin/Hispanic culture and sexually active teens. Trends tend to come late in South Gate due to their lack of connectivity with the outside urban world.
Person 1: Wow... so this is South Gate huh...
Person 2: Yeah can't you tell? That kid with the boxes of Condoms is skating with those shutter shades on
Person 1:...Isn't that a dead fad everywhere else?
Person 2: Welcome to South Gate, California homie.
by RedClamz February 25, 2011
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a ghetto little city next to lynwood california that is so full of hispanics that you'd hardly believe you're still in the united states, the kids are all so sexually active that most middle schoolers are already pregnant. the city is full of uneducated people and very bad drivers.
no right turn from the left lane you south gate driver!

person 1: look at how young that pregnant girl is.
person 2: oh she's just a south gate-ian.

this is south gate, california right? feels more like little mexico.
by jenny mclean September 23, 2008
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A working-class Latino suburb located about 20 minutes (without traffic) southeast of Downtown Los Angeles. It is bordered by South LA to the west, Huntington Park and Cudahy to the north, Downey to the east, and Lynwood to the south. Since it is located on the flight path to LAX, you can hear airplanes quite often throughout the day and night. The area just west and south of South Gate Park has the nicest homes with lower crime and higher median household income, which explains why most homes in the area do not have fences around their lawns. The eastern part of South Gate has more crime due to its proximity to South LA. Most businesses cater to the high immigrant Mexican population. However, as their US-born children grow up and many are unable to afford to live on their own elsewhere in the LA area due to barely graduating high school, newer businesses are catering to a younger generation of Latinos with more American and corporate tastes, which is evident in the recently built Azalea Regional Shopping Center on Firestone and Atlantic. Modern technology tends to arrive late to Sough Gate because the immigrant adults do not follow technology much and their US-born children don't exactly have the money to keep up to date with new technology. Many residents escape the mundaneness of South Gate by going next door to Downey. Those willing to travel more go to Cerritos, Long Beach, DTLA, or Dockweiler Beach.
South Gate Resident: "Hey, I just bought an Amazon Echo! I can't believe you can talk to device and it talks back to you and does things for you!"
DTLA Resident: "Uh, the Amazon Echo came out 3 years ago. Where have you been all this time?"
South Gate Resident: "I've been in South Gate, California."
by jay0319 September 08, 2020
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