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When a person is your soulmate, but they also share similar thoughts/ideas, feelings/emotions, and beliefs, etc. regarding soup, they also become your soupmate.
Girl #1: Hey you remember that guy I met last spring?

Girl #2: Sure, you guys hit it off pretty well. You said he was your soulmate.

Girl #1: Yeah, well I found out last night that he loves soup as much as I do. Both of us even share the same favorite kind: mushroom bisque! He even knows how to make five different kinds from scratch.

Girl #2: Oh my god, it's like you two are soupmates!
by archerider May 02, 2014
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Someone who is like your soulmate but instead you enjoy eating/drinking soup together, so they become your soupmate.
Person 1: " I just love Heinz tomato soup."
Person 2: " OMG ME TOO!!!"
Person 1: " Omg we are soupmates!"
by Glazier January 24, 2018
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