A joke, usually a mash up or a pitch bending of an existing song to the tune of another, on the audio uploading website SoundCloud.
oi m8 i jus mad a reely funi SoundClown
what is soundclown
*Indistinguishable Gibberish*
Example Goes Here
by knightofdictionary December 28, 2014
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A male bedroom musician who sends unsolicited links to his SoundCloud account in an attempt to impress potential romantic partners. SoundClowns are generally found on social media and online dating platforms. They will often slide into their target's DM's, using phrases like "hey, u up?", or "peep this 👀" before sending their link. Their intent distinguishes them from regular self-promoters -- receiving a link from a SoundClown is like receiving a musical dick pic.
"This soundclown on Tinder won't stop sending me links to his acoustic hip hop project"
by plantbasedhate April 22, 2018
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The art of being a soundclown is to be creative at being uncreative. You can find soundclowns across the internet but the best place to search them is soundcloud.
I just made a very nice soundclown mashup. It contains Gangam style, Super Mario and Snoop dogg.
by allhailkingofthelosers March 07, 2015
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Whatever it may be your newly found self-proclaimed underground soundcloud artist (*Rapper in most notable cases) sees him/herself as. This is it. More than what the movie(s) could ever depict that sad creature as.

I’m actually more freightend by the felogy of the rappers more so than of their sketchy counterpart movie clowns.
"Yo dude you hear my new banger yet? It’s called self-deception. It’s soo real man I couldn’t even deny the factuality of that sh*t if I tried to man!"- X number of kids desperatly trying to be something they’re not as they imagine all the money they could make if they stutter the right amount of meaningless words in a rythmic fashion.

"You should seek some immediate counselling kid that right there is just not right, you’re acting like a complete SoundClown."
by IndigoJoa September 17, 2018
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