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The vile sludge created when one mixes hot water with instant coffee mix. This mixture makes any coffee snob's soul ache.
I can't believe you are having soul-ache when you could have some of this fresh brewed coffee here!
by soulacher February 03, 2011
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A soulache, is not very unlike a headache, however, the intensity is much more ferocious. Its pain endured when your soulmate is not by your side, is away, or has gone away. A connection between soul mates is so intense and so strong, that to separate two soul-mates leads to physical and psychological pain.
Anthony is so in love with SNO, that when she is gone for even one day, his soulaches. the soul ache leads to physical symptoms like stomach pain and / or heart pain.
by Papi Kittenous April 19, 2011
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The deep, overwhelming feeling one has, that can either make him feel alive or take him to a slow, long-lasting end.
-I can't stand my soulache anymore!
-Have you taken any painkillers?
- (-_-)
by Gioele March 21, 2021
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