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A supposed know it all who plays or has played World Of Warcraft who in fact does not know it all. This person tries to fake their way through World Of Warcraft by buying gold off the internet and subsequently pestering Guildies to the point of insanity by repeatedly whispering them to buy their loot during raids. A Soryu is typically not gemmed or specced correctly due to the sheer magnitude of alts rolled. Soryu does not possess the intelligence or capability to handle so many toons. Raid leadership is another weak point for this person as there is no ability to see beyond his own greed and stupidity.
-Soryu has many World Of Warcraft characters but does not know how to play each one at its full potential.

-Soryu is Not open to suggestions - It's my way or the highway.

-Soryu is a World of Warcraft know it all.

-Soryu: Forgets to change specs and causes boss wipes
Forgets arrorws and other supplies
Forgets how to tell the difference between North and South

- Soryu is not afraid to yell WIPE IT as soon as he dies no matter how well the rest of the attempt is going.

- Soryu is not afraid to blow a gasket and leave in the middle of a raid /CRY
by Nerfedd August 31, 2010
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