An abbreviation for 'sorry' normally used when written on a fixed area and theres not enough space for all five letters.
Grace's forehead was small so he could only write sory in neon paint
by DrunkenShambles December 20, 2019
An amazing guy.
Very funny and smart and is almost always happy.
But gets angry very easily and is never afraid
Wow that guy is such a sory
by Ibrahima March 18, 2019
A great, calm guy who is interested in how things work but has a secret gangsta side. Rocks colorful suits and loves sheep. Has a passion for science and nature and likes to teach what he learns. Uses way too many hand gestures to explain what he's saying. Overall, he's a chill guy.
This guys likes sheep, he must be a Sory

Sor(r)y (Koite)
by Hersheyblizz August 25, 2017
When a person in a really small position of power starts thinking they are more important than what they actually are.
Person 1: The funniest thing would be if Angel doesnt get mod, I'd fill a glass of wine and swing around and smirk.
Person 2: You are the last bitch in the chain of power here, stop being a sori lol
by BoyCockSpy May 13, 2021
The Sori is a native African species found with the lush tropical rainforests. Sori are known for their distinct pointy shape and carnivorous appetite. One Sori can eat three whole Sylvs in one sitting (wow!). Approximately one hundred years ago the Sori were numerous in quantity with reproduction values reaching an all new height. It is said that they took over an entire barnyard with alternate Soris, going on to create the infamous event "The Great Sori Infestation."

However, 90% of all Sori were recently exterminated by the Canadian Wildlife Association. Their numbers continued to dwindle until only one Sori remained. This Sori remained in the barnyard, mourning over the loss of their entire species.

Many years later, fur appeared on a Sori for the first time. The Great Ancestors of the last Sori frowned upon this, but the fur continued to grow. It's appetite grew stronger until it developed a voracious thirst for the pleasures of flesh; of the human race that slaughtered it's kind. The Last Sori has turned into an accursed, treacherous beast. The species is currently labeled "ENDANGERED."

Find out more at!
"Sori is the best!! (Cool!)"

"I wish I could be like Sori."

"Isn't Sori amazing?! xD"

"Sori beat up Sylv."
by yusori October 2, 2018
Sori is a fantasy creature but not, his built up anger inside him makes him somthing else. He has a katana and fast reflexes he also has ADHD and acts childish sometimes but he is just waiting for when the world turns too hell so he can make his move and do what he feels he was made for, he's all by himself, he thinks that every thing he loves dies in his path and beacuse of that is afraid, he has all these feelings and emotions going of all at once. He is sad

How do I know all this beacuse he is Me
He is here, sori he always will help beacuse he is afraid people will have to be like him sad,scared,mad, and patiently waiting for nothing.
by Meat curtain's April 24, 2022