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A fashion style characterized by the use of multiple pastels with complete disregard for what actually looks good.
by karbonbased August 03, 2016
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A sorbet is when you get a blowjob while sitting on a bidet toilet. The stream of water must hit the butthole while the BJ occurs.
I got a sorbet from a woman at the party.
by Smizzaz December 16, 2017
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A rather polite alternative to the word bopper/bitch/hoe ect. A term originally used by west coast rapper Richter Appalachia. Used to describe an (attractive) girl/woman who is spoiled and or bratty and especially insecure. She likely has few or even no female friends and may only have a select number of male friends instead, or may only have her boyfriend/partner as a friend. The person(s) she actually does choose to spend her time around are the ones she unleashes her frustration on, and typically very often. While most sorbets (of course) have redeeming qualities and potential to not be sorbets, it is unlikely to be changed. It is furthermore common that they keep their select partner(s)/friend(s) solely by exploiting them with manipulative behavior that gets them a consistent reaction.
I tried dating her, and I really cared a lot for her, but unfortunately she kept getting mad at me for no reason and none of my friends liked her at all because she was always in a bad mood. I had to let her go after realizing she was a total sorbet.
by Mr. Jungle September 18, 2016
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