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absolutely amazing girl. she is loved,always has been always will be but if you get on the wrong side of her it is not good. if she compliments you she means it and will love you.
Her personality:
'wwow, look at that girl, she HAS to be a SORAYA!'
by LoveyyBabe December 28, 2009
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very nice girl! anybody who meets her likes her! she is easily lovable. very musical. good at guitar, piano, violin, and singing. extremely sexxxxxxxyyyyyyy!!!!!! :P loved by lots.


that girl was so pretty and nice! she HAS to be a soraya!
by babeyxx June 26, 2011
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She is a really cute girl kinda lazy but smart if she have effort Always cheering people up and love to support people who are bullied. Have lots of friends but some people jealous with her and love to make fake stories about her and she always stay strong and cheerful even though this happen but when she gets angry , she expressed everything but what she gets is wronged. Don't worry soraya, you have one besties that will help you and stay with you.
You are so soraya
You are so smart like soraya
by Soul hungry December 28, 2017
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A girl who has a boyfriend but always get call by boys. Soraya will have a big ass with some nice pair of tits. Her match is actually a Brandon.they would pick at so many little things but will have a big ass heart towards each other.she is a baddie she loves to play around and loves a good laugh ๐Ÿ‘‘by the way she may steal your man so watch out๐Ÿ‘€๐Ÿ‘€
Jim:that girl has an ass ..she must be soraya let me holla at her real quick.
Soraya:lmaooo hell no im taken. .
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A dead person that has often been killed more than once. A Soraya type of person will often be a Zombie but never a vampire.
Hey look at that corpse it looks like such a soraya
by Childmoon September 20, 2010
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A hilarious girl, who loves T.I. SO much....(obsession lol). Shes crazyy funn, outgoing and goes with the flow. Shes not THAT mean but her poor speakers died and she gives papercuts. She likes to follow guys on the skytrain and says "Holla at ur girl" Shes gangster to the max. she has an accent and says "its unbeliewable how wiwes use winegar". Mohobattien makes her sad. She's single,looking and likes long walks on the beach holla at her;) LOL!!
"You cried watching mohobattein? omg ur such a Soraya!"

"Hey its T.I.'s Girl....she's a soraya!"(I kno u like that one lol)
by Nish April 02, 2005
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Thick girl with big ass and big tits who can take anything down her throat or down her pants. Anyone who meets her instantly falls in love with her. Men line up at her door just to see her gorgeous face
Soraya is the one person I would let blow me
by Melody jung October 25, 2016
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