Words can't even begin to describe this girl. She's beautiful inside and outside. She is one of the softest and most caring people you ever come across. People take her kind heart for granted more often than not and she forgive people way too easily. Her beauty is ethereal and mesmerizes everyone who lays their eyes on her. However, she's not just a pretty face. She has genius-like tendencies as well. Expect nothing but the very best when it comes to her work. She prefers the artistic part of life and enjoys singing, dancing, drawing and even writing. Although she strives for excellence, she is a master at procrastinating, leaving everything for the last minute. She is loved by many and hated by equally as many. As her name suggests, she's the bright star that lights up the room when she walks in. Many guys are in love with her but her heart is set on one specific guy whom she lost her heart to at a very early age. Over and above all, she's an amazing girl who is sHoRt :)
Just look at her essay, she must be a Soraya!
by Bulletprooftomorrow April 8, 2019
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Soraya is the most beautiful girl in the entire planet. She loves most everyone and will show it, but beware you might not even know if you're the one she dislikes. Soraya loves to give hugs to her besties. She might attack you with compliments so make sure you have visible flaws.
You will know a Soraya when you see her.
by Oh yes haystack January 29, 2019
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A very overprotective girlfriend and is very attracted to Sid. Soraya is beautiful and sweet and doesn’t even know it. She is the cutest and most perfect girl and she doesn’t even know it. She will one day realise how amazing she is after she meets her perfect guy or girl. When she meets this guy or girl she gives the best hugs and is very open. Her cuddles are legendary and when you watch movies together you never get to see the movie you just talk and kiss.
I loved her automatically she is perfect. She was such a soraya
by 🤓 geek February 24, 2018
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absolutely amazing girl. she is loved,always has been always will be but if you get on the wrong side of her it is not good. if she compliments you she means it and will love you.
Her personality:
'wwow, look at that girl, she HAS to be a SORAYA!'
by LoveyyBabe December 28, 2010
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Soraya is the most amazing girl in the whole world. She is smart, sexy, hot, loved, gorgeous and so much more.
She’s the best friend you will ever have and she will always be there for you through breakups and everything else. She is crazy funny and is the thiccccest person you will ever meet.
by Alliedauer February 28, 2019
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A sexy, creative, intelligent, kind and genuine person. A dope ass person. Guys and girls always hit on a Soraya because it's impossible not to. Soraya's tend to have fire legs and fire personalities. She is a complete jokester and is always there to make her friends and family laugh. She will cut a bitch if angered and has the best comebacks. She shines bright like a diamond.
1. "Wow, that's Soraya walking past. She is SEXY AF"
2. "Soraya is so wifey material"
3. "Don't go running your mouth or Soraya will check you"
4. "Soraya has a high IQ"
by maria.sllooanio May 24, 2018
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She is a really cute girl kinda lazy but smart if she have effort Always cheering people up and love to support people who are bullied. Have lots of friends but some people jealous with her and love to make fake stories about her and she always stay strong and cheerful even though this happen but when she gets angry , she expressed everything but what she gets is wronged. Don't worry soraya, you have one besties that will help you and stay with you.
You are so soraya
You are so smart like soraya
by Soul hungry December 28, 2017
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