A sooky, sad little person who feels the need to whinge about a recent event.
"Did you see Nikki yesterday? She was being such a sooky La La."
by Shit bits December 04, 2004
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one) people who have a whinge or a sook over small things.
two) meghan @ smc.
Meg is a Sooky La La, I heard she ran away from her group today and only speaks her mind through MSN or the school emailing system.
by mrs anonymous March 13, 2008
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an australian childish expression for someone who is behaving childish, i.e. throwing a tantrum to get their own way
sook: "why didn't you buy me some lollies? you promised you would. i'm never speaking to you again!"

me: "oh sooky sooky la la, quit your whinging"
by st0nedg0at August 08, 2009
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