a gay game that people who play play yu-gi-oh in high school play
that kid who plays sonic battle is a fag
by chooooooooooode September 26, 2010
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A fun game that induces vomitting, diarrhea, and other embarrasing bowel movements.
After playing "Sonic Adventure Battle 2", he puked, pooped, and peed...all at once
by deep-toot December 26, 2013
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this video is by verbalase on youtube which portrays his beatboxing skills in the form of animated characters. In this case they are mario and sonic. Mario starts off beatboxing with a very nice spit volume and nice vocals raping singing beatboxing combo. He calls sonic's shoes ugly and the sonic calls himself fast. Then he goes supersonic and then starts doing the slow floss in a very intricate fashion. His palms open and slowly flossing. Then sonic proceeds to roast mario at the end of his performance.
mario vs sonic beatbox battle yes
by whenthepenismusicstartsplaying February 17, 2020
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The most rigged mobile Sonic game for mobile devices.
Guy 1: Hey have you played Sonic Forces: Speed Battle?

Guy 2: oh you mean that rigged game? Totally...
by BSPD95 June 9, 2018
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The reason my gamecube died of abuse,overuse,and non-neglection

My chao are so tired of my playing this game,that there are 4 million glitches in a 1-hour play.
knuckles is so sexy in this game!Tails is too!!The only sucky character is big cause you see his fat ass in the plots but you cant play with his cock lookin ass.

by lannatheechidna January 15, 2007
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Dan: I wanna try out Sonic Forces Speed Battle!
Me: Dude, no. That game sucks. Play anything else.
by Blueboltron May 15, 2019
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Absolute bliss, an experience like nothing else. Your mind will go blank and all you'll feel is full body pleasure like you're a divine being. The greatest game of all time.
I wish I could inject sonic forces speed battle into my bloodstream
by Tezighi February 9, 2022
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