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Solvay, located in (Syracuse, NY) is a suburban area that is spic-ville and white-trash-land combined. Fall asleep listening to bouncing basketballs in the street, latino music, and white-trash families arguing. You go there if you wanna smoke an L without getting hounded or to buy Four Lokos at age 12. Stay above 4th ave (up the hill) if this doesn't interest you.
I'm from WestHill, which is 10 mins from Solvay, but we don't associate ourselves with them.

You know they eat cats right?

Famous for foot disease if you walk around with no shoes

Famous dish - Cat Souffle
by Lolita7 August 15, 2019
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The City State Type Village that is a suburb of Syracuse, NY that is guarded by the Pumpkin Lane Forces and led by two Captains and a Lieutenant that enjoys "short" people.
Capt. Don and Capt. Ed called Lt. Hoose at the Solvay House of Ill Fame.
by davdr March 25, 2009
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Z: Hey have you seen Solvay around?

Solvay: I’m right here.

Z. Oh.
by sxlvxy July 28, 2018
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