A less masculine boy who is described as "cute" based on their soft or gentle characteristics.
Aw he looks so adorable in that beanie, what a soft boy.
by lilstaryeyed January 5, 2018
Ethan “EefNestor (CrankGameplays)
Person 1: Eef is such a soft boi
Person 2: I know right! He’s so sweet
by XtraPanda September 10, 2020
a soft boi is a boy that is vvvvv cute and soft but still has a “ boy “‘side
you are my soft boi
by urmommyyy May 27, 2019
A slightly pudgy boy with a sweet nature. Often times falling for girls but is too awkward to tell them.
"Look at that soft boi over there with his books. So sweet!"
by Cosplay_Trash November 16, 2017
soft boy aka soft boi is a boy who is probably quiet and more emotional, wears "vintage" or egirl type clothes, possibly some blush, likes flowers, sensitive, wears glasses (they could be fake), has freckles or fake freckles, listens to indie music, is stereotyped for being less masculine.
me: awww look at that soft boy what a cutie
friend: he's probably gay
me: its ok i probably wouldn't date him anyway
by joe. joe mama November 14, 2019
A Male Typically wearing an over sized sweater and described as "cute". generally has a very "soft" personality (gentle,and kind).
Person one:That boy is really cute
Person 2: yeah hes a soft boi
by MR>MORI October 6, 2021