So·crat·ic meth·od


A. Method developed by Socrates in which one answers a question with another question

B. Fun way to annoy people =
Person 1: Ugh..I`m bored.
Person 2: How come?
Person 1: I dunno. Just because? Aren't you bored, too?
Person 2: No, not really. How about you?
Person 1: I just told you I was..
Person 2: Yea, but isn't it possible that you could've changed your state of mind while you were talking?
Person 1: I guess, but..what the hell?
Person 2: What?
Person 1: Why do you keep asking me questions, dammit?!
Person 2: Why do you keep responding?
Person 1: Well, you're my friend so I should listen to you, right?
Person 2: Why are you asking me?
Person 1: Because you're here..?
Person 2: Is that a question?
Person 1: Screw this. *leaves*
Person 2: *grins* I love the socratic method...
by Poketh November 28, 2006
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The practice of answering every question you are asked with a repetitive question or statement, whether it makes sense to or not.

It is practiced widely in the stoner world and has it's roots with Tommy Chong from the Cheech and Chong movies and from his time on That 70's Show.

This is based on the basic belief that Socrates is the father of modern thought and that his philosophic teachings were based upon answering a student's question with a probing question in order to get the student to realize their own answer.

Only in this case it serves as a comedic outlet while you are impaired by pot or alcohol.
Tommy Chong is a Socratic Method-Actor since he can answer any question with the same question and make it funny.

Me: What are you doing here?
Tommy Chong: What are YOU doing here?

Me: Why are you smiling?
Tommy Chong: Why are YOU smiling?

Me: Are you stoned?
Tommy Chong: Are YOU stoned?

Me: What are you doing in Mexico?
Tommy Chong: What are YOU doing in Mexico?
by shailoche July 16, 2009
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Socratic Method Trolls use the Socratic Method in a disingenuous manner to try and win arguments, without ever having to make an argument themselves. SJW's, Libertarians and "Anarcho" Capitalists have all adopted Socratic Method Trolling to combat critics.

Socratic Method Trolls, when faced with an argument attacking their beliefs, rather than making a counter argument, will ask a (usually loaded) Socratic question. They are not seeking to gain understanding, as the Socratic Method is designed to do, they are looking for a specific response, that they think will prove their opponents argument wrong. If they don't get the desired response, they'll continue Socratic Method Trolling until they find something they can use to claim they've won. A logical fallacy, an inconsistency, a definition they disagree with, anything. Once they've found something, they'll use it to try and dismiss everything their opponent said.
Ancap: 'Where does the state get its authority?'
Ancap critic: 'You should stop Socratic Method Trolling and learn how to form an argument.'
by twoambien July 2, 2016
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