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So·crat·ic meth·od


A. Method developed by Socrates in which one answers a question with another question

B. Fun way to annoy people =
Person 1: Ugh..I`m bored.
Person 2: How come?
Person 1: I dunno. Just because? Aren't you bored, too?
Person 2: No, not really. How about you?
Person 1: I just told you I was..
Person 2: Yea, but isn't it possible that you could've changed your state of mind while you were talking?
Person 1: I guess, but..what the hell?
Person 2: What?
Person 1: Why do you keep asking me questions, dammit?!
Person 2: Why do you keep responding?
Person 1: Well, you're my friend so I should listen to you, right?
Person 2: Why are you asking me?
Person 1: Because you're here..?
Person 2: Is that a question?
Person 1: Screw this. *leaves*
Person 2: *grins* I love the socratic method...
by Poketh November 28, 2006
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