A guy that plays soccer at a moderate or high level and thinks he's the fliest thing out there. Most of the time he has metro-sexual tendencies, with common patterns such as shaved eyebrows, skinny jeans, tight shirts, dyed hair and bitch-like personality. The Soccer-douche is everywhere in the soccer sphere; some classify David Beckham as one, but undoubtedly the biggest examples of a soccer-douche are Christiano Ronaldo and Mario Balotelli. Do not be confused, a metro-sexual soccer player with most of the characteristics previously mentioned is not necessarily a soccer-douche, unless he has a bitch-like personality which is the trademark characteristic of a soccer douche; by this we mean an egocentric, insensitive, whiny attitude. The soccer-douche is a singular breed and represents a very unique situation in the world of man-sports given his consistent success in the sport of soccer, where he is able to feed his ego but at the same time is accepted and sometimes almost idolized by the fan base which is mostly comprised of average down-to-earth guys who in normal situations would frown upon his kind.
Guy 1: Hey Christiano want to go play a pick up game at the park

Christiano: No thanks, I only play at the Bernabeu

Guy 1: Man you're such a soccer douche
by PATO_scream January 12, 2011
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One who thinks he is better than everybody at soccer, not knowing that soccer should not be considered a sport. Also a person who gets excited every time he sees a soccer ball in his area.
Person 1-"Dude, I bet you i can kick a soccer ball over them mountains"

Person 2-"Dude, you are such a soccer douche"
by P-reston August 19, 2006
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