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When you're hitting it from the back and notice peices of toilet paper on her ass crack.
Guy: "How was last night?"
Other guy: "Good, but she had a snow hole."
by Myraka March 19, 2016
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Gross vaginal fungus, usually white in color. Collects on the inner lips of the vagina, is extremely off-putting and gross.
That girl had snowhole, so I got the fuck outta Dodge.
by UrBANhammer December 13, 2009
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This is for the discerning gentleman (and occasionally lady).

To snowhole is to combine two of the three best things in life, sex and drugs. It is for the extremely decadent and hedonistic, as well as those with a fair amount of disposable income.

Those who wish to legitimately snowhole must understand that in many jurisdictions they be commuting two crimes.

First off they must obtain a hooker. It does not matter about their appearance but what is vital is that they allow rimming to be one of their services.

Next udp they must also purchase a decent quantity of cocaine. Around a gram if it is quality, but probably more if not.

Once said lady of the night arrives and you get down to business, place her in doggy position and proceed to line the rim of her arsehole with your freshly purchased product. Once it is nice and think, begin the rimmimg and enjoy a sensational euphoria which is hard to top.

Rim and repeat

(This can work in non-transactional relationships. But there is a school of thought that in order to be a true purveyor of snowholing one must commit to the most debauched methods possible)

Hey baby, mind if I snowhole your arse?

Lads I’ve got a gram, iv checked the Friday Ad, I’m going snowholing tonight!
by Business Only March 14, 2018
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