hey bob, rip me off a small piece from your napkin so i can take this snow bomb
by an_igger April 1, 2010
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When a nicely dressed person is walking down the street during or after a snowstorm and a person with a snow blower walks by them and blasts them with a powerful surge of snow.
"I was all dressed up and headed for my meeting downtown when some dude came out of no where and totally Snow Bombed me!"
by Video Brooke January 7, 2010
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A Chilean Snow Bomb is when 10+ men jizz into a Chilean Sea Bass, claiming the fish is being used to smuggle snow with the intent to sell the smuggled drugs to the most beautiful addict in town. Once the addict agrees to buy the snow, the Chilean Snow Bomb is activated. The fish is squeezed as hard as possible shooting the jizz out of it's mouth into the buyer's mouth while the seller shouts "Ole ole ole!".
Jarvis dropped the biggest Chilean Snow Bomb since the 1985 incident involving Jenni Pie.
by Dogler May 29, 2016
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