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A Chilean Snow Bomb is when 10+ men jizz into a Chilean Sea Bass, claiming the fish is being used to smuggle snow with the intent to sell the smuggled drugs to the most beautiful addict in town. Once the addict agrees to buy the snow, the Chilean Snow Bomb is activated. The fish is squeezed as hard as possible shooting the jizz out of it's mouth into the buyer's mouth while the seller shouts "Ole ole ole!".
Jarvis dropped the biggest Chilean Snow Bomb since the 1985 incident involving Jenni Pie.
by Dogler May 28, 2016
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The act of stimulating an anus with your finger while said person is in the process of having explosive chunky or thick muddy diarrhea resembling beans or re-fried beans. In general the diarrhea coats the finger, hand and wrist at beast.
John by accident ended up fingering the beans with his girlfriend Lily. While lost in lust her bowels gave out and she exploded horrid chunky diarrhea all over but John refused to quit and kept swirling his digit around in the beans.
by Dogler July 27, 2017
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Employed Hobo: A new social class that originated in the United States of America. With an all but mythological middle class vanishing, a new class has been formed. Employed Hobos are in a quasi class of being employed yet "homeless" for all intents and purposes. Never truely owning anything besides their clothes, everything is rented because of low wages and price inflation. Their only true possesions, clothes, tend to be hand me downs, clothes they have had for at least a decade and still in use or aquired from thrift stores, garage sales and flea markets.
Look at John, an Employed Hobo. He's still wearing shirts he bought from Mervyn's ten years ago. He rents everything, his TV, car, apartment and even the toaster. He will never make enough to get out of the cycle of working to work.
by Dogler February 20, 2014
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